Our Policies

Rental Policy

Diane's Too does not offer rental dresses. We are a purchase only store. We strive to offer superior-quality prom & pageant dresses. 

Layaway Policy?

Diane's Too offers layaway for our customers! If you wish to layaway a dress, then we ask that you be prepared to pay 25% of the total price. We lock our customers' dresses safely away in our layaway room. We also ask that each customer pays toward her dress every two weeks.

Event Registration?

At Diane's Too we register each customer & her dress to the event the dress is going to. Event registration prevents us from selling the same dress in the same color to multiple people at a certain event. 

Privacy Policy?

Our staff values your business, and we take your privacy very seriously, We do not discuss what one customer buys with another.


Diane's Too carries the top designers in prom & pageant dresses. If you would like to see a list of our designers, then click here!